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Your Opinion about Uneducated, Unrealistic

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I'm in a poll sort of mood. This should have gone out sooner, while the flames were hot, though now the numbers may reflect a more grounded response.

Here's the transcript, provided by Ginge's earlier post:

"I know a lot of fans have been doubting, but they're not fans to me. I'm sick of this. I heard a little bit of your show before I got on, and I'll tell ya I hung up at some of the comments that are made, I can't take it. These guys give it, the fans got a great team and it wasn't just two years Glenn, we were a great team for four years. We had a tough year last year, we're improving as we go and if fans think this is a bad thing, it's MLS then they got to get used to it. So if they're not with it, see you later"

"It's the ebbs and flow of Major League Soccer. Some people aren't educated. We had great success for two years, a great team for four. We lost Stuart Holden and Ricardo Clark and got nothing in return. Those guys are irreplaceable in mind and some fans just don't get it. They just want to watch a Saturday and watch Barcelona and want their MLS team play Barcelona, it's unrealistic and like I said, you just gotta try to educate them as you go and some people just don't want to be educated, they're close minded and that's the way it is."

If anyone has listened to the podcast of the Glenn Davis show where Dom let loose, please share any information about the fan calls that prompted this.