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Dynamo 2, Crew 2: Chris Penso's Flying Circus

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The Dynamo fought back for a 2-2 draw against a 10-man Columbus Crew. That's right, fought back for a draw against a 10-man Crew.

There are a couple ways to look at tonight's draw.

You could rage against referee Chris Penso for giving a ridiculous penalty against Cam Weaver for a ball to hand in the box and allowed the Crew back in to the game. You could complain that the Dynamo had over 80 minutes of a man advantage and couldn't effectively break down the Crew defense and finish their chances.

Effectively, both lines of thought are true and I guess it depends on whether you want to try to take a positive or negative spin on the game.

The Dynamo needed a win considering that several teams right on their tail in the standings have multiple games in hand, but a loss would of course have been far more devastating. Basically I don't know what to think. I can't decide whether to rage against the referee or complain about the Dynamo's continued offensive ineptitude.

What we know for certain is that Chris Penso is just another bad referee in a long line of bad referees. His call on Weaver was flat-out wrong and I'm sure USSF will say he made the right call. As for the second penalty, that was at least a legitimate call. Je-Vaughan Watson lost his mark on a set piece (for not the first time this season) and put himself in a bad spot.

It's just plain frustrating. The Dynamo were handed a chance to get a key three points and their first road victory in 2011 on a silver platter...and they still couldn't get the job done. Am I being to harsh in saying it's simply not good enough?

Needless to say, there is plenty to chew on from this result but I'll end on a positive. Calen Carr scored a great goal, his first of the season. After spending nearly a year out with the after effects of a concussion, it's great to see Carr not only playing but scoring goals. Definitely something to feel good about on an otherwise frustrating evening of soccer.

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