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A Shock Dynamo prediction, and we turn to ALL for the final word

I include this piece not to freak out your Tuesday, as it's quite possible that only Playtherapy and I will remember this piece of music, Dynamo Beat by Shock.

It's oddly, and weirdly fascinating in that, while you can dance to it, you have to ask the question, do you really want to?

What does this all have to do with the Dynamo Beat we witnessed on Saturday night? Well, first off, the team won the game, and that is an almost entirely good thing. The way it was done was nice, another late goal, and what a goal. I was right behind Luis Camargo when he whipped that cross in there. It arced in perfectly. The ball was a pure, no thought involved, timing dink that just dropped out of the sky onto the right-footed Dancing Bear's left foot.

Now THAT is the kind of cross we have been lacking since Stuart Holden (no stranger to dance floor beats himself) heeded the silvery siren call of the British Isles (not to mention English pound sterling). How many waist-high or lower crosses do we see from Dynamo wingers that get blocked or cleared? Far, far too many. And that, more than Will Bruin's so bright (I gotta wear shades) future, is what gives me hope around here.

And here's a question for the panel, Camargo's loan deal only goes through this year, correct? Anyone have any feelings/info on his longer-term future in Orange?

So as we go into this week, about to face the Frisco ISD Home xi at Robertson North, what kind of Dynamo Beat do we all expect to see? The thing is, until they actually win on the road, you have to assume in all reality the worse. We hope for better, and indeed, there are many reasons to, but then again, there were many, many reasons to be optimistic going into Vancouver as well as Columbus. So, I will note the reasons why we should feel optimistic here:

1. Frisco's recent run of poor form;

2. Their midweek ConcaChampions game against UNAM Pumas;

3. An obviously tiring squad as the season has run on.

4. A motivated return of Brian Ching, who has always done well against the South Okies.

5. Enter more reasons here

Now, that being said, do I feel optimistic? No. I feel hopeful. I feel like turning the northern horizon into a bright Orange sky. I want to crush those guys. But to let my true feelings about Dallas be known, I turn, as I frequently do in times of tied tongues, to the always great Austin Lounge Lizards. Enjoy.