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Orange hearts go north for Rhine

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Just heard on World Football Daily that Bobby Rhine, former FC Dallas player, face of that franchise, TV commentator, Around the League contributor and all-around good guy has died of a sudden heart attack while vacationing with his family. He was 35 and leaves his wife and two sons.

Here's Buzz Carrick's piece:

Rhine was on the 2007 FCD team that Dynamo beat here in the Western semifinals, and speaking as a longtime anti-Dallas person, I have to say that Bobby Rhine was always someone I completely and utterly respected. A wonderful player and great commentator and his loss leaves a big hole in the Texas, and US, soccer community.

Here's his final Tweet, from August 31: "1st weekend w/o a telecast since April 8th. Going off the grid for some beach time. Cup full of seeyoulaterade."

See you later indeed Bobby. Rest in Peace.