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Quick blast from the recent past: What you've said so far…

Since Marty tagged me as "Poll Boy", here are some interesting poll results from the season.

I placed the Cameron poll 1st, as it's more relevant to the current polls. These are revealing as to where we've been and who we are today... 

Do you still stand by your previous votes? Why or why not?

Where should Geoff Cameron play? 8/31/2011
BTW- interesting recent article about Cameron's play against Monterrey at centerback, and Geoff stating he expects to play in midfield this weekend: 
65% Centerback - 46 votes
4% Right midfield - 3 votes
0% Defensive right - 0 votes
7% Attacking midfield - 5 votes
22% Defensive midfield - 16 votes

What's your opinion about Dom's remarks? 9/1/2011
28% Completely agree- Dom is completely right, the uneducated with inflated expectations need to ride the hobo train to anywhere else. - 22 votes
31% Slightly agree- Dom is showing his passion, this might fire up the team though it may have offended some people. - 24 votes
3% Neutral- Who cares, much ado about nada - 3 votes
15% Slightly disagree- Dom's remark was sort of insulting, he may need to be more careful with his opinions but needs to be taken with a grain of salt. - 12 votes
19% Completely disagree- Dom's remark was way over the line for those who passionately follow the Dynamo- emotionally and financially. What is wrong about consumers complaining about a product- especially if that company ignores their concerns? - 15 votes

Should the Dynamo fire Dominic Kinnear? 7-25-2011
20%Yes - 23 votes
79% No - 87 votes