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Kris Boyd Considering Two-Year Contract Offer From Dynamo

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Free agent Scottish striker Kris Boyd, formerly of Rangers, Middlesbrough, Nottingham Forest and most recently, Eskişehirspor, is apparently considering an offer from the Dynamo, at least according to Bryan Swanson of Sky Sports.

Boyd is 28 years old and has a fairly strong goal scoring record from his Rangers days, including three 20+ goal seasons. I'm digging for some more information on this rumor, but this is likely a by product of Kinnear and Ralston's scouting trip to Scotland. Hopefully Adam Moffat can put in a good word for the team and living in Houston. At the very least it's something for us to chew on as we await the draft on Thursday.

Descriptions of Boyd's style of play say he's a goal poacher that likes to play on the shoulder of defenders and close to goal, sounds like exactly what the Dynamo need to balance out their attacking options.

Take a look at all 102 of Boyd's goals during his time playing for Rangers...the music is pretty bad so you might want to mute your speakers.

UPDATE: BBC is reporting the Dynamo offered Boyd a two-year contract.