Where's Waldo? The question should instead be, Where isn't he?


Former US international and current Fox Soccer broadcaster Eric Wynalda may be called many things, but one of them is definitely not "shrinking violet." Wynalda, at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America Convention in Kansas City, Mo. last week, gave a talk entitled "Why Not US?" And why not indeed? This link brings you to the text of Wynalda's remarks that cover everything from Landon Donovan ("A complex guy") to putting the US on a European schedule (He's for it, but not necessarily in the way you would think.) to Klinsmann (for) and ends with an in-room exchange with MLS communications head Will Kuhns. This is a long read, so settle in, but it is worth every train-wrecking , brilliant second you invest in it. Grant Wahl calls it "Wynalda's Howard Beale moment" but it's more brilliant than that.