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Dynamo v. San Jose Match Rescheduled to be an Undercard for a U-23 Friendly

Quick bit of news from yesterday, the Dynamo's trip to face the San Jose Earthquakes in the second match of the 2012 has been rescheduled, just slightly. Instead of the match being played on Sunday, March 18th at Buck Shaw Stadium has been moved up a day and will instead take place at AT&T Park. The move is so the match can be part of a double header with the Mexico U-23 v. Senegal U-23 game.

The move makes sense I guess, nothing wrong with bundling matches, but this is essentially an MLS match, the top division of soccer in the United States, playing under card to a U-23 friendly. I know it really doesn't matter, I know it's really not a big deal, but it just seems cheap and a bit condescending to MLS (even though this is not the case). It's also annoying personally because it makes it harder for me to cover the match since I was expecting the match to be on Sunday and made plans. Oh well.

The match will kick-off at 4:00pm CT, no TV coverage has yet been announced but it's likely to be part of the still unannounced remainder of the Dynamo's local TV deal. Hopefully no Dynamo fans made travel plans for this match and if they did they'll already be in the San Jose area on Saturday.

Am I nuts to be a bit annoyed bit this?