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Is the City of Houston a Hard Sell for the Dynamo?

It's beginning to feel like the Dynamo are fighting against the city they call home in order to attract players to sign with the club. Houston is of course a great city, we all know that, but there are clearly issues making it hard for the team to get players to sign on the dotted line and play here.

Kris Boyd is the most recent example of this issue. The Scottish striker was in town a couple weeks ago and was apparently offered designated player money, according to a source, to sign with the Dynamo...and it wasn't enough. No doubt the team showed him the new training facilities and took him on a tour of the new stadium site...but it wasn't enough.

Surely they showed him all the amazing food trucks right?!

So what is the problem? Do players not feel like this is a city they want to move their family to? Do they see the average temperature from May to September when the bulk of the season is played and run away sweating?

Whatever the reasons, the Dynamo are fighting against an apparent perception about the city of Houston, or at least that's the presumption I have to make.

Apparently Giovani Dos Santos rejected an offer from MLS as well in the past day or two, at least that's what his lawyer said. Reasonable deduction tells us the Dynamo were probably involved with that since they've made a run at the Mexican midfielder before. While I doubt the city has anything to do with Dos Santos' decision, it's still another likely failed attempt.

So I ask you readers and Dynamo fans, do you think this is just the bad luck of trying to convince a player to sign with MLS, or are the Dynamo having to battle against their home city? Let me know if I'm crazy or if you think I'm on the right path with this line of thinking.