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Reality Bytes - Why there will be no DP this offseason

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One of the best things about being a Dynamo fan is our players give 200% on the field -- yes, this is mathematically an impossibility, however, none of us would argue they do indeed give a full 200% -- except perhaps the occasional Right Midfielder/Winger from say Jamaica, not to single any one specific player out or anything. One of the worst things is the reality of a team built around the team concept, and shying away from the one big name, big time superstar. I hit on this a little bit a few days ago in a comment reply, but I wanted to offer up the discussion as I can see it becoming something of a debate/discussion between not only our favorite commenters, but also our Staff. Follow me after the jump for an in depth look at why I believe we should place our hopes on a DP to the side and focus on the here and now.

First of all, consider the announcement and declaration by AEG proving once and for all they truly do wish to sell off their remaining shares of ownership of our beloved Houston Dynamo franchise. It came very shortly after the Dynamo were defeated by AEG's hallmark commodity in MLS, the Los Angeles Galaxy, in the MLS Cup Finals. This matters greatly, because AEG will not want to take on a full DP salary or contract as the new ownership may not want such a hefty salary on their books.

AEG selling off their shares could happen before the season, and this would be an absolute boon for the Dynamo and their faithful. However, I suspect this season will continue as previous seasons have, just without any attempt to mask the lack of an attempt to sign a DP-level salaried player.

The Dynamo as they stand now are profitable in the local infrastructure, because they are backed by businesses and the fandom at large. Why mess with what works? Integrating a DP into the fold would only increase fan support at this juncture minimally. The team is full of guys the fans can and do relate to, such as Geoff Cameron and the Boz. The fans also love their Head Coach, who just inked a brand new 3-year extension on his contract.

Top all of this off with moves which make business sense, such as the well-masked release of Brian Ching, who while being a fan favorite was also the heaviest salary on the team, and the relative lack of any big contracts outside of Brad Davis. You begin to see a clearer picture when you also combine everything else with the sheer fact any incoming ownership would have a desire to immediately make an impact, to gain the trust and support of the fans from the get-go. It is a much more likable prospect if the team has no DP in place, and the new ownership comes in and brings one in -- no matter who this DP is or what position they play.

The cauldron boils and bubbles, and the crystal ball clears when you take the time to step back and view it from the perspective of a non-Dynamo fan (this was hard as hell for me to swallow, mind you). It's just not fathomable to expect anything less than disappointment when it comes to a DP player over this offseason, unless AEG sells their shares of ownership before the Winter transfer window really hits hard. Based on the lack of any speculation as to any ownership changes, I can safely say this is our reality.

There may be changes, minor and small, even a Draft pick or two. This team, the one before you now, is probably the majority of what you will see next season. Most likely, it is also not going to include a DP, and while it saddens me as a fan, it does excite me as well. The opportunity to have a very sellable franchise to a new ownership group, and to cobble that with the opportunity to bring in their guy. I have goosebumps.

It might take the entirety of this season, but it spells great things going forward. While I want to have the DP now, I can wait. I'd rather have a great DP, than another Landin DP. And that is something we can all agree on.