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MMCB: You'll not see nothing like the mighty Ching

Ricardo Clark and Boniek Garcia got the goals, Tall Hall kept the goals out, but Brian Ching changed the game on Saturday and led the Dynamo to a huge win.

Bob Levey - Getty Images

"Oh come all without, come all within, you'll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn Ching"

Ching to Davis to Rico to GOAL! It was like 2006 all over again!

On a rainy Saturday night at BBVA Compass Stadium Brian Ching did what he's done so many times before...he saved the Houston Dynamo. With the Dynamo staring a potential playoff dream crushing draw against the New England Revolution in the face, Ching came on in the 74th minute an changed the game.

Up to that point, the work in the final third simply wasn't there for Houston. The passes weren't happening, the play wasn't linking, it was a sloppy mess and it was making me want to pull my hair out. Then Ching stepped on the rain-soaked pitch and helped link the midfield and the attack together. He made the runs and passes they desperately needed, assisted of the first goal and helped make space for Warren Creavalle and Boniek Garcia to execute a beautiful second strike.

Warren Creavalle. The kid officially played one minute and had picture perfect assist. He's a rookie, a second round draft pick that Kinnear went to in the final minutes of a 1-0 game to help lock things down. If his confidence isn't through the roof, I'd be shocked. He's the type of player that you need to win in MLS because he's likely never going to win awards or make any stupid list, but he works his ass off and gets things done. What a great young player.

Alright, back on track.

That's why we love Brian Ching. That's why Brian Ching is awesome. That's why we're really going to miss him when he in all likelihood, hangs up his boots after the season. Dominic Kinnear and Chris Canetti have built a strong roster, it's been difficult at times, but they've gotten the job done. Nothing they've had to accomplish over the past few seasons will compare to trying to find a player than can even come close to filling the role that Ching fills. Will Bruin could very well get there, but he needs more time. If there's no Ching next season, who will be the guy who just has a knack for making things happen?

Giles Barnes? Cam Weaver? Who knows. The truth is you can't replace Ching, but the Dynamo will have to figure something out because they will need a player who can enter a math late and turn the damn thing on it's head. That's how you win tough games and more importantly, that's how you win championships.

For now, we have Ching and we'll enjoy it but depending on his decision in the off-season, things could be interesting for the Dynamo.

As for Saturday night, the Dynamo got the win they so desperately needed. It wasn't pretty, the weather was terrible, but they won. Three big points that kept them ahead of the Columbus Crew and in the playoffs, just barely.

The 4-4-2 returned, something that clearly just made sense with the slowly deterioration of results using the 4-3-3. We saw flashes of the old Ricardo Clark with his slick run in to the box and shot that netted the match winner. Tally Hall continued to prove he's one of the best goalkeepers in the league even if people refuse to acknowledge it outside of Houston. It was a good night and after last week's debacle in Philly, it was nice to see the team bounce back.

Confidence should be up now and with the Montreal Impact next up, that's a good thing. The Impact will be tough and will test this Dynamo team again. Once again, we're going to be beating the drum about must-win games because lets face it, right now everything is a must-win game.

Of course, when you have Brian Ching, everything is winnable. He's a Dynamo legend and not just your run of the mill legend (because that term gets tossed around way too much these days), he's special. He's the kind of player fans will talk about long in to future when I'm old and telling you fans, yeah so-and-so is pretty good but you never saw Brian Ching play.

There's no doubt in my mind that you'll not see nothing like the mighty Ching.