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Help name Tally Hall's new truck

After helping set the club single season clean sheet mark, Tally Hall got a new ride and he wants you to help name it.

Tally Hall

On Saturday when the final whistle blew between the Dynamo and Revolution, Tally Hall had helped set the team's new single season clean sheet record at 12 matches. It's an impressive feat and a testament to how well he's played this year.

So to celebrate this feet, he did what any good Texas resident would do...bought a big ass new truck.

Now he's asking Dynamo fans to help give the truck a shutout inspired name. Personally I think he should keep it simple and go with "The Wall" for two reasons. One, it's his unofficial nickname since he plays like a wall in the Dynamo goal. Two, it's white and the wall in Pink Floyd's legendary album 'The Wall' was white in color. Ok, it's a stretch, but it's the best I can come up with at the moment.

Get to work everyone.