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Dynamo and Union playing to a draw at halftime

The Dynamo and Union currently find themselves at a draw at halftime from BBVA Compass Stadium. Right now, possession seems to be about 65-45 or so in favor of the Dynamo. I'd say the better of chances are falling to the Dynamo as well. Unfortunately, a few of those chances have found the feet of Mac Kandji, and while his outlier of a goal early would lead one to believe otherwise...he is still the Lord of the Open Net Misses.

Kandji's goal came early, within the first five minutes. The Union goal came around the 20th minute or so off a cross to the head of McInerney. It was a goal the Dynamo should not have conceded, but somehow McInerney found his way between Dynamo defenders and got his head to the ball and beat Tally Hall to the top corner. It was an ugly goal to give up, not because the goal itself was ugly, but because we gave it up in the manner we did.

No excuse for that goal. None. Fullbacks have to prevent the man from getting position in the air. That is YOUR ball, YOUR line. PLAY IT.