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Colorado vs. Houston: Once more unto the breach

While clinching a playoff spot last week was worth celebrating, the last match of the regular season still has plenty to offer the Dynamo. It may be in Colorado, but it can't be overlooked.

Bob Levey

For the first time in a while, I can safely write that our push to the playoffs is now over. That being said, make no mistake that the final match of the season against the Colorado Rapids still has value for the Dynamo, and that it will be one worth watching.

Though the team clinched last week thanks to a 3-1 win over the Philadelphia Union (couple with Columbus's 3-2 loss at DC United), their work in the regular season isn't quite done yet. Kansas City already beat Philly 2-1 Wednesday to clinch the East's top spot, but the other four are still in play, as I've mentioned before.

We'll know for certain by the time this match kicks off, but there is an outside chance for the Dynamo to finish as high as third and avoid the one match playoff next Wednesday - something which I, for one, would not mind at all.

To have that chance, though, the Dynamo will need to find three points in the chill October air of Colorado - which might not be the easiest of tasks, even though weather reports say that it's not going to snow on the match.

Colorado has won only three matches since the beginning of August, but they are coming off of a 2-0 win last week against Chivas USA, and though they may not be playoff bound, there can be no doubts that they would consider a winning streak to be a nice way to end their season. Due to the league's unbalanced scheduling, the two teams have not met this year. The last meeting was more than a year ago - a scoreless draw played in Colorado on 3 July.

Depending on the outcome of this match, the Dynamo could finish anywhere between third and fifth in the conference. Personally, I'd love to snag third, but that's going to be tough. That being said, even fourth place wouldn't be as bad - yes, the Dynamo would still have to face that one match playoff, but it would be at BBVA Compass, and not in DC, New York or Chicago.

But I'm getting ahead of myself again - the only thing that the Dynamo can control is their own fate, and that translates into a win at Colorado. And since I believe that there's no such thing as a given three points (and because of the great battles that were fought this week in history), I believe it's time for the Dynamo to stiffen the sinew, summon up the blood, and go once more unto the breach with the hopes of victory.