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Non-Orange Things: You Will Find No Beckham Mentioned Here

Beckham and his little announcement have almost completely frozen the MLS news front but I scoured the internet and managed to find a few things entertain you. Oh crap does that count as mentioning him?


Chicago Fire

Corey Gibbs' retired after battling a knee injury he couldn't overcome.

Austin Berry won Rookie of the Year

D.C. United

The contract with Branko Boskovic was mutually terminated due to the players need to return to Europe and deal with family matters.

Team President Kevin Payne is leaving the team allegedly for another MLS team...

FC Dallas

Daniel Hernandez retired from playing and immediately joined the Dallas coaching staff.

Chris Seitz won the MLS W.O.R.K.S. Humanitarian of the Year award. Which if anyone missed this story it's pretty amazing. Seitz donated bone marrow to a stranger in September which made him unable to play for the rest of the season. He is also without a guaranteed contract for 2013.

New York Red Bulls

Extended contracts with Brandon Barklage and Connor Lade.

In other Lade news he is going to Sevilla F.C. for a few weeks on a training stint. So I guess Sporting Director Andy Roxbury is cool with 'training' stints but not loans. Good to know.

Portland Timbers

Akron exited NCAA playoffs quickly meaning Caleb Porter is now free to go get rid of the beetles that are killing all the Timber in Portland.

Real Salt Lake

Jason Kreis got a twitter account. See I told you there's not much going on this week. It's @JasonKreis if you feel the need to follow him.

San Jose Earthquakes

Frank Yallop was named Coach of the Year.

The team is currently talking with the BPL's Tottenham Hotspurs to bring Simon Dawkins to the team more permanently. He has played well with the Quakes while here on loan earlier this season.

Seattle Sounders

Eddie Johnson was named the Comeback Player of the Year. Apparently succeeding in the MLS after failing overseas makes you a 'comeback kid'.

Sporting Kansas City

Matt Besler was named Defender of the Year.

Roger Espinoza appears to be heading to Wigan in the January transfer window. He is headed to England and is set to take a physical on Wednesday for the team.

Toronto FC

Allegedly Kevin Payne is going to be joining the teams' front office. Given his passion while at D.C. it may be good to have at least one passionate person around.

Tidbits from Don Garber's State of the League in my own words...

The 2013 season is starting March 2, hope you enjoyed two months off.

The playoffs are going to be staying the same but there will be a "greater effort" to have more days between games. No word on what Garber considers greater effort. After watching him shoveling snow for the Red Bulls vs. United playoff game he might be content to invest in a league snow blower.

The stadium for Team New York 2.0 is currently set to be built in Flushing Meadows, Queens. The league is looking at buying a 10-acre site for the stadium.

There will be a MLS team that exists below D.C. They for sure want to have a team in Florida at some point, Miami and Orlando are both cities with potential. The message seemed to be whoever gets a stadium first wins. Atlanta needs to get their stadium situation under control in order for them to get a team. So if you build it the MLS will come.