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Non-Orange Things: Here a player, there a player and a coach

I think the MLS needs its own name for silly season like 'really annoying season' or 'I could care less what that player is doing season' or even better 'THAT PLAYER HAD BETTER NOT BE COMING HERE' season.

Pick me!
Pick me!

    Chivas USA

    A COACH! A COACH! The Goats officially have a coach to well coach them (and feed the goat). Jose Luis Sanchez Sola is the new coach at Chivas. He has been coaching in Liga MX for the past six years but is now ready to coach in a league that needs a 'more appealing style' of soccer. I already have the inclination to want to call him Dirty Sanchez even though his nickname is El Chelis. Can I change it? Is that cool? Hope he likes Goats.

    Chicago Fire

    Took Maicon Santos in the re-entry draft on Friday. He was the only player taken by any team.

    Columbus Crew

    Unsurprisingly, given their history, the Crew is looking around South America for a Defender. I expect that they will pop up with some amazing undiscovered gem here shortly that will leave every one going 'Where the hell did you find them and do they have a brother?

    FC Dallas

    Signed Peter Luccin who used to play for Atletico Madrid.

    Montreal Impact

    Re-signed Justin Mapp for next season.

    New York Red Bulls

    Rafael Marquez is officially gone from MLS! No really.. I'm not making this up. The Red Bulls parted ways with the DP bust and moments later Club Leon from Liga MX announced they had signed the Mexican.. um, legend. Heard they are multiple parties in New Jersey to celebrate.

    Still have not hired a coach but have a roster that is now bursting its already strained seams.

    Philadelphia Union

    Acquired Jeff Parke from the Seattle Sounders.

    Also got back long time player Sebastien Le Toux. Philly has had a long love affair with the Frenchman which was interrupted when he had a falling out with Peter Nowack. He was traded to the Vancouver Whitecaps and the bounced around from team to team until now coming hoping to the Union.

    Sporting Kansas City

    Got Benny Feilhaber. I discovered that he wasn't eligible for re-entry draft because he has not been in the league for three years. SKC give up a first round draft pick in 2014 and 2015 as well as some allocation money. Anyways so much for the whole wanting to go overseas and play huh Benny? Have fun getting to know the guys and make sure you let us know what they deem fit for haz- I mean making you one of the guys.

    Kai Kamara is apparently training with Stoke City for a week. Depending on what news source you buy it may actually be a trial. A week doesn't seem like much training but perhaps enough for Stoke to get the taste that they want?

    Re-signed defender of the year Matt Besler.

    Continued beefing up their defense obtaining defender Ike Opara from San Jose.