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Canetti confirms BIG move pending - Update: It's Omar Cummings!

During today's #CanettiChat, he answered a question about offseason moves with "we have one pending and it's a big one." And "You're going to like it"! Time for wild speculation!

Justin Edmonds

Wow, okay. So today's Canetti Chat has been rife with a boatload of answers to the burning questions me, you, and everyone in between have had about the Dynamo and the offseason. The biggest moves thus far for the Dynamo have been bringing in Eric Brunner to solidy the center backs, and the announcement of the re-signing of players that happened during the season.

But now. Now, Canetti says Giles Barnes is expected back. First, this is big because I had felt like he might not be back this season. It tells me the team liked enough of what they saw, and they feel he is enough of a talent, to have value in bringing him back to the team for an entire season. Second, this is big because Giles Barnes, our own Shiny New Toy, IS a talent, and he HAS a ton of value already. Depth? Yes, more please!

And then Canetti, in his desire to tease fans, has also stated there is a big move pending for the Dynamo this offseason. Could it be a NEW shiny new toy? Perhaps it is a second Designated Player? Could you imagine the Dynamo with a second guy like Boniek Garcia? I mean...I fear for the competition then. Rampant speculation will no doubt be had by all who follow the Dynamo, and thus it is our duty as Dynamo Theory to fuel to fire.

What do you think folks? Who do you want and think you might see in Orange next season? What could the BIG move be?


As per Darrell Lovell Saturday night, the big move (to be confirmed Sunday morning) is the trade of Nathan Sturgis and allocation money to the Colorado Rapids in exchange for Omar Cummings. Cummings is a forward with speed and presence, and (again, per Lovell) should be a nice foil for Will Bruin up top.