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Non-Orange Things: Re-Entry Draft Notes and Three Weeks as a Coach

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. News in the MLS has taken on the consistency of molasses in the winter time but here are a few tidbits to chew on.

Mike Stobe

Colorado Rapids

Along with San Jose they are the only two teams in the MLS without a DP.

Picked up midfielder Eric Avila in the re-entry draft.

FC Dallas

Daniel Hernandez lasted only three weeks as a full time coach after retiring from playing for the team. Rumor has it that he was fired by the club,however, the club won't comment on employee relationships. The whole thing seems a bit odd since he was a player and even a captain for the team you would think he would have lasted longer than a few weeks.

L.A. Galaxy

Picked up Colin Clark in the re-entry draft which is surprising since he plays the same position as Mike Magee who is in the middle of re-negotiating his contract. Makes you wonder if they are preparing for a life without Magee.

Also picked up Goalkeeper Will Hesmer in the re-entry draft in the second round. Makes you wonder how secure Josh Saunders job is.

New England Revolution

Took Chad Barrett and got former Dynamo Hunter Freeman in the second round of the re-entry draft.

New York Red Bulls

Thierry Henry is not going to Arsenal in January.

Signed Brazilian Juninho, who had played all over the world and has been apart of the Brazilian National Team.

Re-signed Goalkeeper Ryan Meara

Didn't bother getting on to the re-entry draft conference call. I guess Europeans aren't familiar with the idea of using conference calls to pick up players.

Philadelphia Union

Picked up Conor Casey in the re-entry draft. Clearly they are beefing up their front line in hopes of scoring some goals this season. Good luck with that.

Portland Timbers

There have been a lot of rumors that Caleb Porter is trying to get some times National team member Mix Diskerud. The rumor was confirmed by his agent-father but it doesn't seem like it is going to pan out. But it's has become pretty clear what sort of a team Porter is trying to put together- a fast one.

Real Salt Lake

Picked up Lovel Palmer in the re-entry draft.

Seattle Sounders

The results are in from their first ever vote on the GM and the season ticket holders and alliance members voted to give Adrian Hanauer four more years as GM by an unsurprising 96% majority.

Sporting Kansas City

In a poorly kept secret signed Claudio Bieler as a DP. The team is hoping to bring him in to score goals as the team was in serious need of goal scoring last year.

Toronto FC

Finally got their man and picked up Danny Califf in the re-entry draft. They had tried to get him a year ago but he instead went to Chivas USA.