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Be the GM 2013: Part One - The Coach

Here is your chance to be the General Manager of the Houston Dynamo going into the 2013 offseason. What will you do?

You have one excellent DP, do you bring in a 2nd?
You have one excellent DP, do you bring in a 2nd?
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

A couple offseasons ago, I ran a series of posts based on the infamous Be the GM articles many sites have run in the past. Some people loved it, some people could have done without it. Either way, it was a fun chance to take the reins of the organization and take an in depth look at how things are run and operate from a general manager standpoint.

This offseason sees the series return, and not a whole lot has changed. Each article will run for one week's time, and you will each have a chance to post your ideas in the comments. Everyone will have the opportunity during the week to nitpick, but if you ultimately believe in your ideas then you will be able to support them.

The first installment begins this week, and I have elected to have it be somewhat easier than ones in the past have been. This is to allow for maximum participation -- and there is good reason for that. During the live blog of the first match at BBVA, I will be selecting two participants (from all weeks). Each participant will have a choice of three Dynamo-themed prize "packs" to select from. One will include tickets to a home or away match (depending on where you live). One will include Dynamo memorabilia. One will include the opportunity to co-author an article for the blog. (Yes, really).

For each week you participate, you receive one entry into the "drawing". So, in theory, if you participate each week, your chances to have your name drawn are higher. Pretty simple. There's no disclaimer because well, we don't have a legal team, but the standard legalese applies.

This is open to anyone, even non-members of the blog, or members of other rival team's blogs (*cough* this means you Gals fans *cough cough*).

Onto the first Be the GM opportunity!

Part one sees you taking the reins of the team as Head Coach. Dominic Kinnear has elected to move on to other opportunities. You have the current personnel on the team, with the option to sign a reasonable Designated Player. You have the opportunity to elect a formation to fit your squad, and may elect to make one other non-DP signing/transfer/transaction. If the transaction is within MLS, then you must release one player away from the squad. Otherwise, you are free to keep all current players.

List your Starting XI and all signings. Indicate whether you released any players or not. List your formation and substitutes, as well as any Reserve League formations/players if you want.

The week begins today and will run through 1/7/12 (longer than 1 week to give extra time for the New Year's holiday).

Good luck!