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Re-Entry Draft Players Available

With Calen Carr's injury being confirmed as a torn ACL, the Houston Dynamo will likely look in several places for a viable replacement.

The first option will come this Friday at noon as the MLS will hold the 2012 Re-Entry Draft. Players listed as available below could still opt out of the draft if they can come to terms on an agreement with their current club. That's what Dynamo defender Bobby Boswell did last year to remain in orange.

The question is are there any players that could be a fill in for Calen Carr's speed? Could Maicon Santos be an option? What about other needs for the club?

Take a look and let us know who might be a good pickup for the 2013 Houston Dynamo squad. As the list updates prior to Friday, we'll update our offseason storystream.

Eligible Players (by club):

Chicago: Jay Nolly (Option Declined)
Chicago: Gonzalo Segares (Option Declined)
Chicago: Corben Bone (Option Declined)

Chivas USA: Juan Pablo Angel (Out of Contract)
Chivas USA: Peter Vagenas (Out of Contract)
Chivas USA: Danny Califf (Option Declined)
Chivas USA: Alejandro Moreno (Option Declined)

Columbus: Chris Birchall (Option Declined)
Columbus: Will Hesmer (Option Declined)
Columbus: Julius James (Option Declined)
Columbus: Tony Tchani (Option Declined)

Colorado: Tyrone Marshall (Out of Contract)
Colorado: Scott Palguta (Out of Contract)
Colorado: Conor Casey (Option Declined)
Colorado: Hunter Freeman (Option Declined)
Colorado: Jamie Smith (Option Declined)
Colorado: Marvell Wynne (Option Declined)
Colorado: Ian Joyce (Option Declined)
Colorado: Joseph Nane (Option Declined)
Colorado: Tyson Wahl (Option Declined)

D.C. United: Michael Chabala (Option Declined)
D.C. United: Maicon Dos Santos (Option Declined)
D.C. United: Stephen King (Option Declined)

FC Dallas: Bruno Guarda (Out of Contract)
FC Dallas: Kevin Hartman (Out of Contract)
FC Dallas: Julian De Guzman (Out of Contract)
FC Dallas: Scott Sealy (Option Declined)

Houston: Colin Clark (Out of Contract)

Sporting KC: Olukorede Aiyegbusi (Option Declined)
Sporting KC: Luke Sassano (Option Declined)

LA Galaxy: Chad Barrett (Option Declined)
LA Galaxy: Andrew Boyens (Option Declined)
LA Galaxy: Bryan Jordan (Option Declined)
LA Galaxy: Kyle Nakazawa (Option Declined)
LA Galaxy: Pat Noonan (Option Declined)
LA Galaxy: Brian Perk (Option Declined)

Montreal: Justin Mapp (Out of Contract)
Montreal: Josh Gardner (Option Declined)
Montreal: Shavar Thomas (Option Declined)

New England: Tim Murray (Option Declined)
New England: Blair Gavin (Option Declined)

New York: Bill Gaudette (Option Declined)
New York: Stephen Keel (Option Declined)

Philadelphia: Chase Harrison (Option Declined)

Portland: Lovel Palmer (Option Declined)
Portland: Steve Purdy (Option Declined)
Portland: Rodney Wallace (Option Declined)

Real Salt Lake: Paulo Jr. (Option Declined)
Real Salt Lake: Kyle Reynish (Option Declined)

Seattle: Andrew Weber (Option Declined)
Seattle: O'Brian White (Option Declined)
Seattle: Mike Seamon (Option Declined)

San Jose: Tim Ward (Out of Contract)
San Jose: Ramiro Corrales (Option Declined)
San Jose: Joseph Gjertsen (Option Declined)
San Jose: Ike Opara (Option Declined)
San Jose: Khari Stephenson (Option Declined)

Toronto: Eric Avila (Out of Contract)
Toronto: Adrian Cann (Option Declined)
Toronto: Jeremy Hall (Option Declined)
Toronto: Ty Harden (Option Declined)
Toronto: Andrew Wiedeman (Option Declined)

Vancouver: John Thorrington (Option Declined)