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Almost done: Ching is back in Orange

The Captain is coming back.
The Captain is coming back.

UPDATE AT 9:28 P.M.: Jose de Jesus Ortiz has an update on the Soccer y Futbol blog at this link here. Key takeaway:

In trades, people often wonder which team got the better end of the deal.

Heck, a Montreal radio reporter just asked me that question for his show. He didn’t seem to like my answer. I said it was a win-win-win situation. He argued that fans in Montreal won’t think the Impact won.

And the main Chronicle story is here. Check it out.

Now back to the earlier post:

According to JdJO's sources, a deal between the Impact and Dynamo has been reached to send Forward Brian Ching back to the Houston Dynamo. And exactly what did the Houston Dynamo give up to get him back? Was it Andre Hainault and a forward to be named later? Perhaps they gave up the newly acquired Kandji? Nope. The Montreal Impact end up with a 2013 MLS SuperDraft Pick from the Houston Dynamo.

Well, then. Looks like the Front Office is damn good at what they do, and we should all just sit and admire their perseverance to get the deal done on THEIR terms, not the Impact's. So much for Andre Hainault, or any other player for that matter. Really, when you break down what the Impact are getting, even if Allocation Funds and an International Roster spot were to be included...

The L'Impact failed. Epically. And Jesse Marsch continues to remain looking like a d-bag. Way to go Jesse. Way to make a real statement move....And the Dynamo fans rejoice.

And finally, here's the best one yet:

The good news just keeps on flowing: