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Friday Orange Slices: What Was Wrong is Right Again

Roommates reunited. A win-win for all.
Roommates reunited. A win-win for all.

The day after the return of Brian Ching to the Houston Dynamo, the reaction has diminished in frequency, but not in heartfelt emotion. Many have noticed that Captain Kamehameha is loved in Houston like few US soccer players are loved in any other city in our league.

The list is a short one. Perhaps the way the Seattles feel about Kasey Keller would compare, though of course, Keller is no longer an active player. Do Angelenos "love" Landon Donovan? Heck, how many Angelenos even know who he is beyond, um, that American guy who plays with David Beckham.

Union fans seemed to have a thing going for Sebastien Le Toux last year, until the ultimate buzzkill Piotr Nowak decided enough was enough about that. Red Bull fans had a fling with Juan Pablo Angel for awhile, and really, who wouldn't? He is, of course, the Most Interesting Man in the World. However, if he came back to New York in any capacity, who would really notice?

I would think Taylor Twellman is still universally loved among New England fans, but again, like with Keller we're talking about non-active players here.

Of course, it is possible that no one is more pleased than Austin native Robert Allen Boswell, who made his happiness known thusly:

Many links on Dynamo and other topics after the jump.

Here are a few Dynamo and footy-related items floating through the Interwebs this fine morning.

  • Jose de Jesus Ortiz, who really has been way out in front on this whole Brian Ching situation from Day One, reports that the deal frees Dynamo up to sign an "impact player" (pun intended I would assume).
  • Also, over on Soccer y Futbol, he has a nice Storify pic on online reaction to the Ching deal yesterday as it unfolded.
  • The Captain speaks. Nice video interview with Dynamo's Matt Pedersen. And if you want more, here's another on YouTube. Compare this tone with the interview he gave the first day of L'Impact camp? This is the tone of a liberated and happy guy. Just try not to smile. I dare you.
  • The Manager speaks. Dominic Kinnear gave this interview on ExtraTime Radio speaking about what you would expect. Caleb Porter is also on the show.
  • Here's a story that got lost in the shuffle yesterday. Dynamo defender Kofi Sarkodie has been selected for the U-23 camp. Might he possibly be wearing the US shirt at the Olympic Games this summer?
  • The National Premier Soccer League's Galveston Pirates landed a TV deal. Yes, you read that right. AZTECA America/KYAZ 51 will show all highlights of Galveston Pirate NPSL home games. I'll bet there are some MLS teams <cough, cough> Frisco <cough, cough> who are jealous of this one.
  • The family is about to get larger? The Sunday Express is reporting that AEG is in talks to purchase Tottenham Hotspur. Any Spurs fans responding out there, or are you all quaking in your boots at the thought of Tim Lieweke doing for North London what he's done for Los Angeles? It might be a good thing, but if you're in any way a traditionalist over there, get up on your heart medicine prescriptions now.
  • Brian Quarstad, on IMSoccer News, has an excellent, excellent two part piece on integrating the MLS Reserve League into the lower divisions of US Soccer. Part One is here. Part Two is here. This is a fantastic idea that makes so much obvious sense that of course, the chances of it happening are about zero. (Or mayhap I am indulging in too much cynicism.)
  • Speaking of cynicism on my part. Steven Goff reports that MLS is planning a crackdown on harsh tackles with promises greater disciplinary action. This I'll believe when I see. Don't you have to actually have some refereeing quality first? Make the simple calls right, then ask them to do more complicated stuff, like telling a red card from a yellow.
  • Michael Ballack to MLS rumors intensifying again. Teams being mentioned: New York, Montreal, Philadelphia, Seattle and Chicago. (Why not Dynamo? Come on Michael. We promise not to make fun of the accent.)
  • Apparently, the Worldwide Leader is about to massively overhaul and increase its online soccer presence. Long overdue, if you ask me.
  • I am Zlatan is an app. Oh. My. Goodness.

First time I saw this pun yesterday.