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Deric and Creavalle Arrested: What We Know and a Couple Thoughts

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Alright, here is what we know from various media sources. Tyler Deric and Warren Creavalle were both arrested on Saturday night outside the Roosevelt Lounge. Deric was charged with assaulting a public servant (an off-duty police officer) and Creavalle was accused of interfering with public duties (interfering with the officer).

Here are some details on the incident from the Chronicle:

Deric, Creavalle, Dixon and teammate Will Bruin were outside the Roosevelt Lounge at 5219 Washington Ave. about 11:30 p.m. According to his lawyer, Deric took offense when some in his party were denied entrance into the bar.

Deric is accused of assaulting Ramon Perez, an off-duty officer who was dressed in his police uniform while on his approved extra job.

"This whole incident revolves around the fact that Mr. Deric was with other soccer players, some who were African-Americans," said Deric's attorney, Allen Tanner. "The club did not want them coming in. ... He's not guilty of assaulting that off-duty officer."

Tanner vows to present several witness statements that he says will prove Deric did not assault the officer.

The accusations of racism are interesting and supported by another incident the same night, reported by FOX 26 in Houston.

Roosevelt Lounge and the Houston-based rap group Drank are at the center of this controversy.

Members Mozart, C-Ray and Limit said they were shocked when they went to the Roosevelt with a group of African American friends.

"They wouldn't let our group in, quote, because the doorman said we had too many Black people," Mozart said. "I looked around and saw my friends' reaction, and I knew it was real."

As result of what the doorman at Roosevelt allegedly said, words were exchanged, Houston Police officers used their stun guns, and it was like a complete mob scene.

Members of Drank said that wouldn't have happened if they didn't encounter the alleged racism at the lounge.

The Roosevelt Room has a history of racist accusations, though nothing reportedly officially just through review on the popular review site Yelp.

Here's the official response from the Dynamo:

The Houston Dynamo organization is aware of the recent matter involving Tyler Deric. We take these issues extremely seriously. This is an ongoing legal matter, so we will reserve further comment at this time. We will continue to monitor the developments closely.

Alright Dynamo fans, here are some quick thoughts. First, everybody just relax and let this play out. Deric has legal counsel and witnesses so it will be handled appropriately through the legal system. If there is genuine wrong doing on the part of the players involved, the team will no doubt handle it internally, as they should. If the allegations of racism are proven out, let's hope appropriate action is taken against the Roosevelt Room.

That's it for now, I'll keep you updated on further developments of course but I have one final piece of advice, stay away from the Roosevelt Room!