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BBVA Compass Stadium in living color

More stadium porn, as this BBVA Compass Stadium just gets closer and closer to being done every day. This is from the always great Keeper Notes crew.

A few takeaways. First, Wow. Coming through that tunnel, the first look to the right brings my eye directly, DIRECTLY, to my seats. I was speechless and my orange heart started to beat somewhat faster.

Second, not to be a dick or anything, but there are some people who just cannot wear hard hats. Chris Canetti, I'm looking at you (but while you have that hat on, I'm trying not to giggle while doing so).

At the very end, Canetti talks about drainage at the park, and how with the strong rains we had last Saturday, he came out there at 11:30 a.m. and the park had nary a puddle. Impressive.

One gripe, a tiny one. I wish the roof overhang went all the way around, but that will be the last even semi-negative thing you will hear from me about this place, a new home not just for Houston Dynamo, but me as well.