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Sights and sounds: Orange on the shirt, orange on the head, videos tell the tale

I have one word for all you "forwards" out there: If you too were a ginger, you could be as coolly efficient as me.
I have one word for all you "forwards" out there: If you too were a ginger, you could be as coolly efficient as me.

After securing all three points yesterday courtesy of a late goal against Chivas USA from that guy on the left there, the Houston Dynamo now have 18 more points to go a-gatherin' between now and the opening of BBVA Compass Stadium on May 12.

Posted below are the highlights of Dynamo's 1-0 victory over the Amerigoats, as well as a collection of postgame interviews. But first a couple of quick thoughts about that game yesterday.

First, Whew! What a win. I was all set to write a post today about how the gremlins that delayed Dynamo's road fortunes last year had returned in force. The Orange outplayed las chivitas all over the field and over both halves. Dynamo produced the best chances, with many of them of the gut-wrenching, how-did-that-not-yield-a-goal variety. Personally, I felt the chance I really wanted to go in the most was that amazing, amazing cross from Brad Davis to Brian Ching late in the second half that hit the left post. Wow. Goal of the Week if that goes in (Though does anyone doubt that MLS has the fix in for the Beckham to Buddle goal for the Gals' only tally in a 1-3 loss? Admit it, we're all thoroughly enjoying that result today aren't we?).

Second, I will say it right here, Juan Pablo Angel is the BAMF of BAMF's. That guy just re-signed for the team days before and by himself, by his own Most Interesting Man in the World self, he was going to put his team over Dynamo, as he did in New Jersey more than once. Dan Kennedy put in the kind of performance you show to young goalkeeper prospects when you're trying to get them to keep their cool as the defense in front of them is absolutely falling apart. But JPA, man, that volley that hit the post at the end of the first half. If that had gone in, it would have been like a dagger. If he was only 10 years younger, he'd be hands down the MVP of the league.

On matters Orange, Andre Hainault proved that it doesn't have to be October for him to score, though I'm sure his brother is going to get on him for dropping the Crazy Horse goal celebration. That was a nice finish to say the least, and, even though it's too early to name him the Canadian Dani Alves as Darrell Lovell seems ready to in this piece, he is someone that defenses will have to mark. Among the Dynamo players I felt played well were the entire back line, though Bobby Boswell got caught out more than once, Brad Davis (natch) and Adam Moffat, and Ching and Bruin. I do admit though, the Dancing Bear had better start burying those chances instead of going the full Dominic Oduro and firing them right at the keeper. Full marks for creating the chances, though. Je-vaughn Watson continues to be the cardiologists' best friend. Every time he does something good, it's so quickly followed by something bad. Come on Camargo, please take this cup from Kinnear's hand quickly. And as for Colin Clark, once again, inside the box, he's lethal. Outside, less so.

Check out the videos here and share your thoughts: