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Eight days to go: Two and six bring joy

The influence for this post is definitely Canadian, or should I say Can-8-ian?
The influence for this post is definitely Canadian, or should I say Can-8-ian?

Today marks eight days to go until the Houston Dynamo open the 2012 season against Chivas USA in the Home Depot Center. So in celebration, we turn our attention to the numbers that make up the 8, specifically an orange eight.

In 2007, as we all know around here, the season ended much like the 2006 one had, with a win over the New England Revolution in MLS Cup. What you may not know, however, was the importance the Number 8 played in that victory.

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The game was the sixth meeting of the Dynamo and Revs in all competitions, with the teams posting a 1-1-4 mark across that time. (Remember, the 2006 cup final was officially a draw decided by free kicks, hence the 2007 final was Dynamo's only victory over the team from Foxboro.) So, why is this post appearing in the eight slot of this series and not, say, 6?

Good question Grasshopper. Now sit down and go catch flies with chopsticks while I explain. (Hopefully while no longer combining Kung Fu and Karate Kid references.)

First, the sixth meeting of these two teams produced Dynamo's second MLS Cup. Now, even my math-challenged brain can figure that one out. Six + two equals, um... carry the fourteen... minus Dwayne De Rosario's birthday... add in Pat Onstad's hat size... EIGHT!!!

What's more, over the course of those six games, the two teams had combined to score exactly eight goals apiece, Dynamo's eighth being De Ro's game winner.

And of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention the two Canadians without whom this does not happen. Dwayne De Rosario became the first player to be MLS Cup MVP twice (a feat equalled last year by Landon Donovan) by assisting on the first and scoring the second. And Pat Onstad, No. 18, who saved the game with his kick save on Pat Larentowicz in the 88th. Oh Canada, or as the Revs said that day "No! Canada!!!" Enjoy

Tomorrow: Lucky sevens.