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Power Ranking: As only Fuz can provide

I know, I know. Fuzion's doing the weekly Power Rankings for Dynamo Theory now? Yes. Yes, I sure as hell am. For the remainder of the 2012 MLS Season, I will bring you Power Rankings in a way only I can. Yes, that means hilarity and insanity on a weekly basis. Yes, that also means you have to endure my extremely tangent-oriented writing style, and my horrible ADHD thought processes each and every week. I know, I know. How did this happen? How could Zach and Marty allow such madness? This is not madness! This is Spart -- wait, wrong speech. This is Dynamo Theory, and this is the weekly Power Rankings. Enjoy!

So because I'm Fuzion and I do things quite differently, so too shall the weekly Power Rankings be done from now on. For starters, instead of ranking all of the MLS teams which is rather bland and boring, I will rank the match, or matches, of the week based on various factors including intensity, emotional investitude and amazing plays. Unlike most Power Rankings, I will rank the plays against other Houston Dynamo plays and moments of previous seasons. This week's edition, however, being preseason, shall be in the theme of totally different include my top five Dynamo videos to get you amped up and ready. This week's top five goes as such:

1) The return of Brian Ching to the Dynamo.

Brian Ching Is Back (via HoustonDynamoVideos)

2) Brad Davis discusses how he's doing...and he's practicing!

3) The return of the Dynamo Girls

4) The Dancing Bear is intending on a breakout campaign(yes, this video is old...but it is still awesome).

5) The season is days away...GET READY!

Indeed. It is time for the MLS Regular Season 2012 to begin, and time for the Dynamo to step up and show who they are to everyone. They don't have to prove to us they can get it done. Just get it done, boys. Viva La Naranja!