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A walk through Dynamo Reserves' 1-0 win over FC Dallas

My friends, this is how you score a winning goal.
My friends, this is how you score a winning goal.

Hey everyone, here's something a little different. Just in case you did not get a good look on Twitter at the Houston Dynamo reserves' 1-0 win over FC F(U)risco tonight, here's a Twitter progress of the entire match, mostly from Jose de Jesus Ortiz, but with some others mixed in.

Before we start, what I like the most about this sort of thing is the whole old-teletex/telegraph feel of following a match this way. So, to continue that theme, you should have a clickty-clackity-chatchachatchachatcha sound goin on in the background. And like that, instead of posting a game story, you'll just have to follow along and get to the end.

Enjoy! Now...To the game Batman (as well as Brad Davis news, after the jump)!!!

(Looks like a normal turnout for a first team game to me. Just sayin'.)

Pardon the interruption in the stream here, but, uh, Soto was in there? I wonder, is he still on loan? Anyone know?

So there you go. A nice win tonight for the Reserves over the Frisco ISD Junior Varsity XI. Hopefully, some of this brilliance, especially on defense, will be on display Sunday night in Chicago.