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Get them votes in for Tally Hall y'all

You have until tonight at 9:50 p.m. Central (God's own time zone) to vote for Tally Hall's heroics this past week for Save of the Week. (Click here to vote.) OK, now take a look at this video and you tell me if you see a save anywhere remotely as good as the one our man Tally pulled off this past weekend. Go ahead and look. I'll wait...

Nice one from Jimmy Nielsen. No question about that. Andy Gruenebaum? You suck Andy, though I hope you don't take that personally. And Nick Rimando's? Well, I have stated on here many times how I loves me some Nick Rimando, but the ball went right at him. Sorry dude. Josh Saunders? Are you kidding me? Omar Cummings took the weakest PK in the league so far this season and you want Saunders to get a vote in this contest? If he were not playing for the Gag-me-axy, would MLS even have included him on this list? Give me a break.

And that leaves us with the Wall. I think your choice is clear.