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MMCB: The Magical Disappearing Midfield

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First Colin Clark (3 match ban), then Adam Moffat (1 match ban), now Brad Davis. The Left Footed Beckham is questionable for Sunday's match against the Chicago Fire with a calf injury and will undergo an MRI today. That's never something we like to hear about any of our players, but especially about our midfield maestro. Hopefully this is precautionary to rule out any serious damage to the calf muscle, but until we get some results, Dynamo fans will be nervous.

In the interim, the options for Dominic Kinnear in the middle are a bit thin. He still has enough options to fill the spots, even with Josue Soto on loan with the San Antonio Scorpions. So what will the Dynamo midfield look like on Sunday at Toyota Park? Let me speculate...

Alex Dixon will likely get a shot to start for the first time in MLS, just not sure what side of the field he'll play on, though I'm guessing the left. Luiz Camargo played well in a friendly last week and looks to be fit and ready to return to the lineup. With Camargo returning to the central role, Je-Vaughn Watson should slide to the right side. As for the spot left vacated by Moffat, Nathan Sturgis will be your man, proving exactly why the Dynamo acquired his services in the preseason (there was nobody behind Moffat for the deep midfield role).

It should be interesting to see how Alex Dixon plays, assuming he starts. There's always the possibility that Mac Kandji starts in the midfield over Dixon, but I guess we'll see. Were I able to attend practices, I would try to get an idea of what Dom was up too, but alas I cannot. So I can only speculate and I feel that I'm pretty close on how the lineup will shape up this weekend.

For now though, let's hope Davis' MRI shows nothing seriously wrong with his calf and this is just a temporary setback. Until some news comes out though, I'll just pretend that bubbling sense of dread I feel is just heartburn.