Maybe Chris Penso should be disciplined as well?


MLS announced today that Mamadou "Futty" Danso will be suspended one game and fined for the vicious hit to the head he delivered to Calen Carr (who is wearing protective headgear for goodness' sakes!!) late in the 0-0 draw on Tuesday night at BBVA Compass Stadium. Referee Chris Penso not only did not make the call himself, a call that should have been a straight red as Danso tomahawked Carr from behind on a breakaway, denying a clear goal-scoring opportunity, but he actually did not make any call at all on the play. Oh wait, he did make one call. With that violent thug/disgusting cheat Danso faking an injury on the play on the ground, as the ball went out of bounds, he ordered Dynamo to throw the ball to Troy Perkins, surrendering possession. Personally, I think Danso should get one game for the hit and another for the cheating, and Penso should get a suspension somewhere two games and life just for being so pathetic at his job.