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A view of the Futty Danso hackjob on Calen Carr

OK, here is the view of the incredible hack that Futty Danso put in on Calen Carr Tuesday night. Danso was rightly suspended today for a game and fined for the foul, but like in the previous post, the question has to be asked: Why doesn't the MLS Disciplinary Committee mete out justice to referee Chris Penso and his unnamed AR as well?

This foul gets worse the more times you look at it, and there really is no reason (A) why Penso and his AR missed the call, (B) Penso fell for Danso's obvious fakery of an injury after the play and THEN CALLED FOR TRAINERS FROM THE SIDELINE and (C), and this is not on the video, Penso ordered Perkins to throw the ball out, and then Dynamo to throw the ball back in to him because of the "injured" player?

Missing the call is one thing, but when you add all of the rest to it, you get Class A Crapitude from Penso. Just another day at the park for MLS. Honestly, MLS officiating is in general so bad, that I am all in favor of retroactive discipline. However, some of that discipline needs to go to the officials. The players will do whatever they can get away with, as they should. After all, they're professional competitors, and I would expect no less from them. Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, and players gotta get any edge they can, up to and including criminality. That's why punishing them retroactively is needed to catch those with larceny in their hearts. However, at some point the cops who miss the whole crime, while standing/running just feet away from its committal, need to be disciplined too.

And don't give me that whole "I didn't see it" bullshit. The play happened ON THE BALL. If they didn't see it, then what the hell were they watching, the Dynamo Girls?

Really, I thought I was over this whole thing, and then I saw the video again. Good thing Danso punches like he's a student at the Little Sisters of the Poor Girls Day School, or Carr could have been seriously injured. Of course, not that Penso would have noticed.