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Secret Evidence of How BBVA Compass Stadium Will Affect the Opposition

Geoff Cameron made it clear in an interview with that the new BBVA Compass Stadium will not be a forgiving environment for opposition.

"There was some slight breeze at Robertson because there was that hole when you played the game. There is no wind in the new stadium, none. It's an oven, so it kind of sucks for the other team coming in because they're going to die."

Not surprisingly, there are already complaints about the stadium, based purely upon these comments alone.


It's f***ing hot in Houston, get over it. Your home stadium is supposed to provide an advantage and that's exactly what BBVA Compass Stadium will provide. As much as we'd all love a retractable roof and climate controls, the Dynamo had a budget.

We here at Dynamo Theory have obtained secret video evidence of test run in the new stadium to figure out just what will happen to opposing players that are unprepared for the hot environment...and it's after the jump!!


Kansas City has "Blue Hell"...

We have REAL HELL.