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New video showcases BBVA Compass Stadium

OK, maybe this is bordering on overkill here, but when the Houston Dynamo production office continues to put together amazing image after amazing video after amazing image, all we can do is just stand back and drop our mouths, agape at the beauty of our new home.

Looking at the outside video board on this, as well as the Go for Goal 5K that was held this past Sunday, this video was all put together over the last week. They must have mounted a camera on a little toy flying drone here for most of these shots because I sure as heck can't figure out how else this could have gotten done.

So, knowing all that, and after the all-too predictable hot weather-whining we have gotten from some corners today, I only wish the video wasn't quite as crisp, that it showed waves of heat radiating off the field. So I now turn this over to anyone more technically-oriented than me (meaning, just about anyone on this or any other planet). Take this video, and make it scarier. In the meantime, I'll be watching it again for about the 37th time today.

And counting.