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An FC Dallas Fan Thinks I Should Quit Blogging

This is awesome. I got a rude e-mail from an FC Dallas fan named <name redacted>. Apparently I need to quit blogging because "it's just terrible".

HAHAHAHAHA. Ok buddy, no problem...I'll quit tomorrow. Alright, I'll be fair for a second. The writer is entitled to his opinion and if he doesn't like me or the blog, that's perfectly fine. I'm sorry you don't like my work, but I learned a long time ago that you'll never be able to please everyone.

Here's the email, with the author's info blurred out because I'm a nice guy:


This is so great. I love it.

First of all, it's dumb. Second of all, does anyone actually think that writing an e-mail like this will somehow stop me from blogging? No doubt the keyboard savant who composed this magnum opus expects me to run screaming away from my computer, never to be seen online again.

As for the word that I'm old Inferno, that's no secret. I was an FC Dallas fan, I was in Inferno, I had season tickets. Then I got tired of the bullshit way the Hunt Sports Group ran the team and treated their customers. The apathy, the disinterest, it wasn't fun and it wasn't worth my time. I've been honest and open about my past and I'm not afraid of it, hell I've written about it on the blog before.

So please Mr. <name redacted>, keep them coming and feel free to tell your buddies to join in the anti-Ginge e-mail campaign. I need the laughs.