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Beat Frisco Week: Ron Burgundy Explains the Hate

Here's a little setup to help you properly understand this clip. Imagine that Ron Burgundy is a personification of Dynamo fans and Garth a personification of Frisco fans. Frisco fans are always angry with us, the Dynamo fans, they "hate" us...just search the #WeAllHateHouston hash tag on Twitter.

You see, this clip is a near perfect explanation of the relationship between Dynamo and Frisco fans. We are the powerful figure, admired by many but sometimes we upset our friends from Southern Oklahoma. They get hurt, they get upset and they break out their big poop.

So for those handful of Frisco fans trying to troll us here on the site or on Twitter, you can now understand why I don't take you seriously. As I read your cute attempts to point out I haven't always been a Dynamo fan or a really stupid headline written by a Dallas news station, this is what I hear. I hear Garth, saying poop...and poop mouth.