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Radio Cuju - Episode 10: World War III Averted

As the manager of this fine Dynamo blog, I feel it's within my rights to promote other work I'm doing. With that in mind, I give you Radio Cuju. It's a weekly podcast that I'm on in which we talk about stories from across the world of soccer. It's fun, it's irreverent and hopefully you'll be entertained and possibly even learn something.

I promise not to beat you over the head about this since it's not directly Dynamo related, but I'm going to post weekly reminders when the latest episode arrives. In addition to Radio Cuju, our feed also includes The Philosophers' Football Show which covers English football (and currently Euro 2012) and the occasional solo show, The Ginge Has Lost His Mind. It's glorious audible goodness!

Thanks for listening and let me know what you think of the shows. If you're feeling really generous, leave a review on iTunes for us.


episode 010: world war iii averted

With Euro 2012 rolling along, we're back to discuss the flash point outside the Russia v Poland match and the fallout from it. Ginge is tortured by the real possibility that David Moyes might be taking over at Spurs, plus we discuss USMNT World Cup qualifiers and the MLS All Star Game (what? yeah, you'll see). We also address our most important topic ever...why the wave sucks. All that plus headlines where we condemn Antonio Cassano.

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