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Houston Dynamo Highlight: Dixon's Joy and Yardley's Delight

Ideally sports provide us with an escape from our day to day lives, a chance to see friends, support our team and have fun. Every once in awhile, sports can give us a moment that sticks with us and we can look back to year and year and say, wow, that was a really great moment.

I remember a number of moments like that from my childhood.

Sid Bream sliding home safe in Game Seven of the 1992 National League Champions Series to send the Atlanta Braves to the World Series. Christian Laettner breaking my 11-year old heart to pieces when he hit "The Shot" against Kentucky in the 1992 NCAA Tournament. Those are just a couple of highlights, well in one case a low light (I still hate Laettner), that stick with me.

Sports creates memories, good and bad, and the highlights become etched in our memory for the rest of our lives.

I've watched a lot of sports and see a lot of great moments, so it's tough to pick one to feature. However, when the I thought back over my Dynamo memories there was one particular moment that kept coming back.

Alex Dixon's goal was itself was a massive moment in the Dynamo's season, giving the team a huge three points that were key in their late season run to the playoffs. It was a great goal from distance and it went in the net with only seconds left in stoppage time. It has all the elements of a great highlight for just those reasons, but there's more.

What really makes it special for me is former Dynamo radio play-by-play commentator Jonathan Yardley's fantastic homer call that was overflowing with natural emotion. It would probably be completely unacceptable on national television, but in the realm of the local radio broadcast, it's 100% awesome.

So I ask you Dynamo fans, what are some of your favorite highlights? They don't have to be Dynamo related or even soccer related, so feel free to share your memories with us. I look forward to seeing some of your favorite highlights.