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We're Giving Away a Ticket to Tonight's Match!

For the first time ever, Dynamo Theory is giving something away! Woo hooo!

What is this glorious prize you ask? A ticket in the supporter's section for tonight's match between the Dynamo and Toronto FC. I know it's nothing too amazing, but it's a free ticket to a professional soccer match featuring your favorite team in MLS, so that's pretty cool.

I'm sure the next logical question is, how do I win this "golden ticket"?

Well, it's easy and there are three ways to win! You have from now (10 a.m. CT) until 2 p.m. CT today, to complete ONE of the following three tasks.

1. Follow us on Twitter! Every new follower on the Dynamo Theory Twitter account will be entered to win the ticket. If you've just started following us in the last few minutes, don't worry. You're entered to win the ticket.


2. Like us on Facebook! Every new person who likes the Dynamo Theory Facebook page will be entered.


3. Tell the world why you like Dynamo Theory! If you already follow our Twitter account and already like our Facebook page, all you have to do is send a tweet OR post on our Facebook page wall why you like Dynamo Theory.

It's that easy!

One important note. The ticket will need to be sent to the randomly selected winner via email so you'll need to have an active e-mail address to receive the ticket and the ability to print the ticket for use tonight. That's it.

So if you want to chance to win, complete one of the above tasks above and you'll be entered to win. We'll collect the names of all the people who enter and randomly select a winner.

Good luck and thanks for reading Dynamo Theory!