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Kinnear interested in ex-Rangers Sone Aluko?

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I've been debating whether this tidbit of transfer rumor deserves any traction from DynamoTheory or not. More and more sites are picking up on it, indicating there may be something more to it than just heresay and conjecture. As recently as yesterday, I began seeing reports on Twitter of interest in Sone Aluko, ex-Rangers left-footed Winger, from multiple clubs. For the first time, this morning, I have confirmation from the Dom himself.

I'll save you the agony of clicking through and quote the important piece below.

"I’m pretty good friends with Mo Johnston and he brought up Sone’s name to me," Kinnear told the Scottish Sun.

"I had a close look at Sone and was impressed. If he is free and available, we’d really like to bring him to Houston.


"Sone is great on the ball," Kinnear added. "He can take players on and has the ability to change games.

"There will be other clubs looking at Sone but we’ll be professional and wait until we get word he’s free."

Now, don't get me wrong, there is no clear indication they are rolling out the red carpet for the 23 year old, but there is some inkling of possibility here. For one, due to the Rangers newco problems and recent acquisition (and terms thereof), Sone Aluko would be a Free Transfer meaning there would be ZERO transfer sum. You have to believe Canetti and Co. will be all over that, unfortunately, so will a lot of other teams.

I'm not sure if any higher tiered teams in other leagues are interested in the current skill level of Saluko, but I for one would be ecstatic if we could land him. Why, you ask, especially considering we already have an incredibly talented left-footed midfielder?

Mmm. That's tasty. So in conclusion...go after Sone and resolve our CAM issues. Dump Watson and Camargo while their stocks are relatively valuable. Pick up a decent outside back as compensation. Mmm indeed.