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Dynamo/ FC Dallas game time changed

Come and, uh, nah, you know they ain't takin' it.
Come and, uh, nah, you know they ain't takin' it.

We interrupt our currently scheduled Oscar Boniek Garcia transfer discussions to bring some very nice news. The Houston Dynamo announced today that the June 16 game against F(U)risco has been changed from its original start date of 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Now, there are many of us out there who can't help but notice that today's official temperature at 4 p.m. was 94 degrees Fahrenheit, while the temperature right now as I write this at 6:30 p.m. is also a balmy* 94.

(*Balmy, the official definition is "pleasantly warm," but in the Houston version of dictionaries, it refers to any temperature south of triple digits.)

However, the change is a very welcome thing, but when the game is over at 8:30, El Capitan well and truly retained in its BBVA Compass Stadium home, I look forward to walking out to a city of Houston where the sun has set. The east stand in the second half will be in shadow, and it will be a very welcome thing.

The game will still be televised nationally on ESPN2, and the later time will almost guarantee better butts-in-seats visuals than what has been seen for those daytime games on NBC Sports. And to that point, I was there for those games, and the place was well and truly sold-out. The crowds were late-arriving in the heat, and if you watched it on TV, the seats gradually grew more occupied. The only thing is that at halftime, the lines in the concourses are so long, plus people are still not quite recovered from the blast furnace conditions in the first half so that the stadium looks almost empty. I assure you, it is not. And by the middle of the second half, the seats are back to fuller occupancy.