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Let's go to the tape: A look back at the Dynamo's win over DC United

After reading Ginge's comments about Galavision in the previous post, I was resigned to thinking that the highlight package would also be in Spanish. Not that I don't like Spanish broadcasts of the Houston Dynamo, and as I wrote in the comments thread, listening to the Galavision guys on repeated references using the players' full names, like "Robert Alan Boswell," "Geoffrey Scott Cameron" and "Bradley Joseph Davis," was beyond awesome. However, when I started to watch this highlight package, realizing it was in English, I was kinda happy, until I realized John (no middle name) Harkes was the color guy.

I preferred it en español.

Anyway, for more somewhat English reaction to last night's 4-0 pasting of DC United, here are William Bruin and Talmon Henry Hall, followed by Dominic "Too cool to have a middle name" Kinnear.