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MMCB: A Story About a Draft Pick

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In this edition of Monday Morning Centre Back, I tell the story of a draft pick.

Lost in the shuffle of the season is next year's SuperDraft. Why are we talking about the draft in July? Well, I'm only mentioning it because I've been reminded about an extra pick the Dynamo picked up earlier this year.

When Kris Boyd joined the Portland Timbers, the Dynamo had a discovery claim on his rights. Discovery claims are another strange mechanism within MLS, but the basic idea is that each season teams can put a "claim" on the rights of virtually any player not in the league. Should that player sign with MLS, the team holding the discovery claim has first rights on the player. If the players wants to sign with a different club, that club must compensate the team holding the discovery claim.

This brings me back to the draft. Remember Kris Boyd? The Scottish striker who was linked with the Dynamo before signing with the Portland Timbers before the season. Well, as part of the deal, the Timbers had to compensate the Dynamo because they had a discovery claim on Boyd. The teams agreed to a deal that sent a first round in the 2012 SuperDraft to Houston.

As for today, Portland is the worst team in MLS, however it doesn't mean the Dynamo could be getting the #1 pick in the draft. The Dynamo will receive the lowest first round pick held by Portland at the time of the Draft. Thanks to the Kenny Cooper trade, the Timbers have two first round picks. So that likely means we all need to start rooting against the New York Red Bulls.

Assuming I've unwound this convoluted situation correctly, the Red Bulls will send their highest first round pick to the Timbers once the final draft positions are determined. That pick will then go to the Dynamo. Of course a lot can change between now and January, but in all likelihood, it's going to be a pick on the lower third of the draft.

Understand there could be another pick I'm unaware of and there's still plenty of time for trades to happen, but that's what the situation looks like at the moment.

Before you get too bummed out, consider a couple things.

Thanks to missing out on Kris Boyd, the Dynamo have added an additional first round pick and were able to sign Boniek Garcia. Considering how good the Dynamo have been at using their draft picks of late, any pick in the first round could be potentially valuable. There's a good chance the Dynamo package one, or both, of their first round picks to either move up in the draft or acquire a player.

Basically, it's flexibility in the draft, something that's always nice to have.


Then comes the sinking feeling when you remember that we owe Montreal a pick for getting Brian Ching back. Since he's now appeared in 20 matches this season, it's a first round pick. So in essence, the Dynamo protected themselves in the Boyd deal so ensure they'd still have a first round pick in 2013.

My brain hurts from trying to remember all the trades and rules within's insane.