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Leslie Alexander Reportedly in Talks to Buy Dynamo

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Interesting news breaking today about a potential new owner for the Houston Dynamo. According the local Houston FOX affiliate, Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander is currently in negotiations with the league to buy out the three partners who currently own the Dynamo.

At the moment, the Anschutz Entertainment Group are the primary owners with 50% control of the team. Oscar de la Hoya and LA businessman Gabriel Brener both hold a 25% stake in the team. It appears that Alexander wants to become the sole owner of the team.

Should the deal go through, Alexander would also gain control of BBVA Compass Stadium.

It's no secret that MLS has been working to help AEG divest of their ownership stake in the Dynamo. The need for a local owner is important and as the league continues to grow, having multiple franchises owned by the same group is problematic.

According to the FOX 26 report, neither the league or the team is commenting at this point, but we'll be sure to follow the story should more information come out. Alexander is a former stock trader from New Jersey and also owned the WNBA's Houston Comets before the team folded in 2008. Alexander lives in Houston and was named one of the 400 richest people in American back in 2006.

I'm guessing Houston fans will have some strong opinions about Alexander and his roll with the Rockets, so for now, how would you feel about Leslie Alexander taking over the ownership reigns of the Dynamo?