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Dynamo at Philadelphia Union: No Points For Trying

The Dynamo fall 3-1 to the Union

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Well, that game was ugly. There's no other real way to describe it.

I tried to put this off for as long as I possibly could, but I don't see any reason to prolong the agony. If nothing else, I'm at least calm enough to provide some ration thoughts and analysis, and not just a long stream of obscenities. More on that after the jump, though.

They got demolished. That's all that can really be said. Blame it on the schedule, blame it on the refs, bad calls, no calls, lack of rest, whatever - when all is said and done, the Dynamo dropped what might have been three much needed points.

Union midfielder Freddy Adu had a brace - his first in the 28th minute and the other off of a penalty kick in the 50th, while Josué Martinez was gifted with the third (which was a blatantly missed offside call) in the 71st minute. The Dynamo's lone goal came on an absolute blast from Boniek Garcia in the 44th, and though they had a number of other chances, they found themselves unable to put them in the back of the net.

I had DVRed the match, just in case I felt I needed to look over something before I wrote this, but I can guarantee that this is one recording that will not be watched - unless I feel the strange urge to actually work myself into a murderous rage.

Besides, a second viewing isn't really necessary to tell you what was painfully evident: the Dynamo were in no way the better team Sunday afternoon. Sure, there were a few bad calls and missed calls (the ugly, red-card-warranting foul on Luiz Camargo comes to mind), and at least one case of the linesman who had his head so far up his ass he missed an offside call by a couple of yards. But all those weren't the sole reason the team lost.

There was an energy that the team seemed to gain around the time Boniek Garcia joined the team - we could all feel it, and the Dynamo rode it for a few weeks of unbeaten play that saw them rise to the top of the Eastern Conference for one glorious week. But that was about a month and a half ago. The team's shown some inspired play since then, sure, but it seems that they've taken it back down a level.

There are still times when Will Bruin looks like he's having trouble adjusting to the 4-4-3. Tally Hall still looks brilliant, but he can't be called upon to do everything, especially when the back line sometimes looks like they're still trying to make up for the departure of Geoff Cameron. Camargo is another who appears to be struggling with the new formation, and even Boniek and Brad Davis, who appear to work so brilliantly together, seem to have lost a bit of their luster.

Those are only just a few of the problems that have seemingly come to plague the Dynamo in recent weeks. Hopefully, the team can get them sorted out and fixed in time for another late season push, but until some change is seen, my reaction to the question of playoff scenarios becomes Mora-esque:

Or, in the words of Tally Hall after the game:

"Any more outings like today and we'll find ourselves out of the playoffs."

I don't know about you guys, but I'm hoping we don't see another outing like this for a long time.