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Latest on Les Alexander Buying the Dynamo

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After a burst of news last month, the story concerning Houston Rockets' owner Les Alexander buying the Dynamo went silent, but that doesn't mean the wheels weren't turning behind the scenes.

According to separate reports from the Sporting News and the Chronicle, the deal is progressing and couple be wrapped up within the month.

According to the Sporting News, Alexander is currently negotiating both the purchase of the team and the club's 30-year lease on the new BBVA Compass Stadium. The two entities, the team and the stadium, are different arms of the same business that are run separately, thus making the deal a big more complex. Still, it looks like things are progressing and unless something goes completely off the rails, the Dynamo will have a new owner sooner, rather than later.

Based on comments from the Rockets CEO Tad Brown to the Chronicle, it sounds like Dynamo fans shouldn't be too worried about this change at the top rocking the boat.

"We don't want it to be a distraction for anybody, we don't want it to be a distraction for coach (Dominic) Kinnear, any of the players, any of the management. It's important for Mr. Alexander for the people to stay focused on winning, and we're going to try to take care of this behind the scenes."

That's all we can ask for as Dynamo fans, considering the franchises track record of success since moving to Houston.

If the deal is completed, AEG will finally be divested of the Dynamo, leaving the Hunt Sports Group as the only owner with multiple MLS teams. It would also mean a locally-based owner in charge of the club and hopefully more consistent resources for the team to work with moving forward.