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Creamsicles Award Order

As we open the 2013 year, Dynamo Theory will take you back through the 2012 Houston Dynamo season with our annual Creamsicles awards. This is our second annual Dynamo Theory Awards and it's gotten bigger and bigger. We appreciate all those who voted - now it's time to reveal the winners and discuss the results. There were a number of surprises and close votes this year. I'm sure we'll have much to discuss.

The votes are in - and over the next 10 days, we'll announce a new winner daily.

In addition, we're putting together some of the best social media moments and pictures of the 2012 Dynamo season that will be out soon.

Here's the list of awards to be announced daily!

  1. Forward of the Year
  2. Midfielder of the Year
  3. Defender of the Year
  4. Rookie of the Year
  5. Newcomer of the Year
  6. Better Playoff Theme
  7. Goal Celebration of the Year
  8. Goal of the Year
  9. Team Most Valuable Player
  10. Moment of the Year
Thank you to all the fans that voted for this year's Creamsicles!

What a 2012 season for the men in orange!