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Alex Lopez of Olimpia in sights of Houston Dynamo and Toronto FC

In the latest reports, Honduran midfielder Alex Lopez is still on at least two MLS team's radar - the Houston Dynamo and Toronto FC. His future in MLS could be decided as early as next week.

Victor Decolongon

The Alex Lopez to MLS rumor just won't go away. In fact, it appears to be picking up steam. Earlier today, Honduran publication Diez reported Lopez' future in MLS could be decided by January 17th and possibly via the 2013 MLS SuperDraft.

According to the report, Lopez has been included in a list of players Toronto FC is interested in for the SuperDraft next Thursday.

MLS roster rules state the following regarding non-collegiate players:

The majority of draft prospects are NCAA college seniors who have exhausted their college eligibility. Generation adidas players and non-collegiate international players are also eligible for selection in the SuperDraft and supplemental draft. Clubs may nominate players for the League's draft-eligible list, and only players from that list may be selected.

That doesn't necessarily mean MLS would approve the player to be considered for the draft. I've been told a player like Lopez with international caps would more than likely not be made eligible for the draft.

As for his involvement with the Houston Dynamo, it appears interest has not turned into anything solid at this point.

"We have the doors opened, but nothing concrete," manager Osman Madrid told Diez.

While there appears to have been some contact between the Dynamo and Olimpia, it seems clear there hasn't been any formal offer as some earlier reports have indicated.

As the story develops, we'll continue to keep you updated on all the Dynamo roster changes and rumors.