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Dynamo Theory: Various Ways to Follow Houston Dynamo News

With a number of staff changes over the course of the 2012, this guide will help you stay connected to all the places you can find Dynamo Theory and its contributors.

Much like a typical Houston Dynamo season, much has changed here at Dynamo Theory as well. We've had our fair share of signings, trades, and transfers over the 2012 season so it feels like a good time to make sure all our readers (new and faithful) know where to find us and the various ways to stay connected to DT.

Here are the various places you can find Dynamo Theory on the web:

Dynamo Theory Website:

(I know you're actually here right now or wouldn't be reading this, but here's a great opportunity to bookmark us)


Twitter (@dynamotheory):

Google +: Dynamo Theory Page

As for our individual writers, our information is below. Fair warning people, our individual accounts may not represent the views of Dynamo Theory (or even our own mind at times) - so follow at your own risk.

Managing Editor:

Ordinary Orange Fan (Stephen Eastepp)
Twitter: @OrangeFanBlog


Fuzion (Sean)
Twitter: @onefusionllp

CiudadDeClutch (Steve)
Twitter: @ClutchCitySteve

Richard Willis
Twitter: @elephande

DynamoreTNT (Alicia)
Twitter: @dynamoreTNT

Jordan Wise
Twitter: @FCShambles

2013 is poised to be a great year for the Houston Dynamo and Dynamo Theory. We would love each of our readers to get involved in our comment sections of our posts. Let us know your thoughts, what you agree or disagree with, and get involved with other fans that share your passion for the men in orange.

As for our site content, we'd love for each of you to share it with your friends, family, and fellow soccer and Dynamo fans.

Help us grow the Dynamo Theory family by sharing our stories on your Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Google +, and the websites below.

Any place you feel would add value to the people you would share it with.

Here are a couple of places that Dynamo fans visit frequently. We'd love to see fans share our material more often and the more you do that, the more the Dynamo brand will grow in not only Houston, but MLS.

Reddit Dynamo Website:
Houston Dynamo Fan Community (Google +)
Big Soccer Houston Dynamo Forums

Thanks again to all our readers and let's go Dynamo!