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Be the GM 2013 - United States Soccer Director of Development

So you thought the first couple were subpar in terms of a challenge? Fear not. All your prospects are belong to me!

These two are awful smug.  Good luck trying to sway their opinions.
These two are awful smug. Good luck trying to sway their opinions.
Neilson Barnard

A couple offseasons ago, I ran a series of posts based on the infamous Be the GM articles many sites have run in the past. Some people loved it, some people could have done without it. Either way, it was a fun chance to take the reins of the organization and take an in depth look at how things are run and operate from a general manager standpoint.

This offseason sees the series return, and not a whole lot has changed. Each article will run for one week's time, and you will each have a chance to post your ideas in the comments. Everyone will have the opportunity during the week to nitpick, but if you ultimately believe in your ideas then you will be able to support them.

Looking for Part 1 and Part 2 of the Be the GM series for 2013? Find them here and here respectively.

While the second installment of the Be the GM series handed you the keys to the kingdom, this installment focuses on you shaping the future of not only the Dynamo, but of the entire United States Professional Soccer structure. Last time we ran one of these series, I touched upon letting you take the reins as Sunil Gulati and formulating a plan of action to improve the development of the United States soccer system on the whole.

It was quite entertaining to see what strategies everyone developed, and how similar some of them ended up. I still think there is more to development, and thus you are stepping into the role of United States Soccer Director of Development, known from here on as USSDD. Your challenge is to determine three different courses of action to present before Sunil Gulati in an attempt to bring about change to the development structure of youth and amateur soccer in the United States.

This position is not without its merits, and the important cannot be understated. However, there is one piece of this challenge you will find most daunting of all. It is for this reason, I am offering to give you a full two weeks before this post is closed for concepts.

Utilizing current leagues, you must develop a relegation system beginning with the Reserves League of MLS all the way down to local leagues. You must develop three separate tournaments to showcase talent in a way which is pleasing to both teams and advertisers. These three tournaments must span the entire depth of your relegation system, while giving a fair shake to each team in competition. Further, you must incorporate these tournaments with room for expansion into other territories, such as the Caribbean or Mexico.

If you succeed in each of these separate stipulations, then a final one awaits you.

You are tasked with finding the top twenty five American soccer talents under the age of eighteen. These talents will need to be pitched on US Soccer and Major League Soccer, on both merits and the ability for MLS and USSF to pitch them as superstars and profitable icons.

Good luck.